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This volume from the “Micro and Nanoengineering” series (edited by the Publishing House of the Romanian Academy) includes the papers which have been presented at the 9th Edition of National Seminar for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, organized by IMT-Bucharest, in March 2010, at Romanian Academy Library, Bucharest, Romania.

This volume is addressed to all interested people from universities, research institutes or companies working in nanotechnologies. It will be distributed to the university libraries.


This volume from the Micro-and nanoengineering series, edited by the Romanian Academy is containing papers related to selected presentations at the 9th National Seminar of Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies (16th of March, 2010, Romanian Academy).

We are briefly presenting below the content of the this volume.

The first group of papers is focused on a few application domains. One paper is related to materials (dielectrics) devoted to nanoelectronics, whereas the second one is reporting realization of graphene transistors.

Another couple of papers is devoted to nanomaterials related to environmental applications and to gas nanosensors, respectively.

The third couple of papers is related to energy: materials for solar energy, and nanomaterials for rechargeable lithium batteries, respectively.

The largest number of papers in the volume, however, are related to nanomaterials and their fabrication and characterization. Nanoparticles and nanodots are considered, whereas the last three papers are devoted to magnetic materials.

The content of the volume, with contributors from Romania, reflects the great progress made in infrastructure during the last years: state of the art equipments are now available in Romanian laboratories. The multidisciplinary character of the research reported in the papers is also obvious from the affiliation of coauthors.

Altogether, this new volume reflects the progress in the nano field in this country.

November 2011 The editors

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