Some properties and applications of nanostructured magnesium base alloys
A. Buzaianu, E. Vasile, R. Trusca

Abstract. The nanocrystalline and nanostructure metal materials offer radical improvements of properties or new functions. The actual technology in the development of engineering materials is the production of the ultrarapidly solidified Mg-base alloys. One aspects favorable results from these
Mg99-xAlxZn0,5Mn0,5 alloys as regards the grain size modification and the homogeneity of the material; which has a consequence the improvement of the mechanical properties. The magnesium base alloys we have obtained by ultrarapid solidification have shown interesting phenomena such as the appearance of some new type of quasicrystalline (icosahedral structures) and nanocrystalline structures. Some special chemical and electrochemical characteristics (electrode potential between –1 560 mVesc and –1 700 mVesc), for application in the energy conversion field can be obtained.