ZnO-based Multifunctional Nanostructured Films

Abstract. Transparent ZnO:Al and ZnO:In nanostructured films with n-type conductivity were prepared by the sol-gel dip-coating technique on Corning 1737 glass substrate, using zinc acetate dihydrate (99.5%), aluminum chloride hexahydrate (98%) or indium chloride (98%) and 2-methoxyethanol as raw materials. The crystal structure of the films was determined by X-ray diffraction. The surface and cross-section morphology of the films was characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Optical transmission and Hall effect properties (charge carriers mobility and concentration) for these films have been measured. Electrical resistivity of 2.9 ×
10-3 Ωcm and 8.9 × 10-3 Ωcm have been obtained for ZnO:Al film 250 nm thick and for ZnO:In film 180 nm thick, respectively. Both films showed a very good optical transmittance (between 85–90%) within the visible wavelength region.