Synthesis, characterization and properties of gold nanoparticles in colloidal aqueous solutions in the absence and in the presence of globular proteins Auto-assembled gold nanostructures in thin films
O. Horovitz, A. Mocanu, G. Tomoaia, L. Olenic, G. Mihăilescu, O. Boroştean, A. Popoviciu, C. Crăciun, T. Yupsanis, M. Tomoaia-Cotişel

Abstract. The synthesis of gold nanoparticles (size from 10 to 50 nm) by three different methods is reported. The nanoparticles were characterized by UV-VIS-spectros-copy, transmission electron and atomic force microscopy, and their shape and size distribution were determined. Interaction of gold nanoparticles with a globular protein and with cysteine was investigated.