Nanostructured and Multi-Functional Polymer-Based Materials and Nanocomposites NANOFUN-POLY
Coordinator: Prof. Jose M. Kenny, Italian Consortium for Science and Technology of Materials (INSTM)
NoE FP 6 - priority 3, NMP

Vol. 4/No. 2 and 3; p 7.

NANOFUN-POLY joins forces of 25 partners from European countries, and combines knowledge and expertise from chemistry, physics, and engineering, covering experimental and applied aspects of materials science (www.NANOFUN.NET).

The research areas of excellence of NANOFUN-POLY network are:

Area 1. Polymer Chemistry: new monomers; new precursors (copolymers, dendrimers, hyperbranched polymers, microgels, nanoclusters); polymerisation routes - chain polymerisation, polycondensation, free radical and radical polymerisation, sol-gel, etc.; and formulation.
Area 2. Polymer Processing: intelligent and integrated processing;environmentally friendly processing techniques; processing nanocomposites;coatings; patterning of polymer surfaces.
Area 3. Nanostructure-Property Relationships: new techniques of nanoscale characterization; rheology at different scales; molecular modelling and related simulation techniques.
Area 4. Applications: mechanical systems; functional coatings; membranes; optical and electrical devices;bioactivity

The specific applications of the POLYMERIC MATERIALS in the MICRO-NANOTECHNOLOGY field are:

Sensors and biosensors;
Nanomaterials/ nanostructures with various application in medicine and environment;
Optoelectronics based on polymers and composite materials;
Field emission devices with carbon nanoparticles embeded in polymeric films
Microwave devices;
Photolithographic polymers;
Polymers with functional properties: conductive, semiconductors dielectrics, optical active, photosensitive, photocromics, senzitive, magnetics, field emission, biodegradable, biocompatible, hidrophylic, organometalics, etc.;
Polymeric films as support for nanoparticles;
Protective polymers.

Romanian Partners:
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NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT IN MICROTECHNOLOGIES IMT-BUCHAREST General Manager: Prof. Dan Dascalu ([email protected]), Project coordinator: Dr. Irina Kleps ([email protected]);
NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT FOR ISOTOPIC AND MOLECULAR TECHNOLOGIES (Group of the Conductive polymers), Cluj-Napoca; General Manager: Dr. Mircea Bogdan; Project coordinator: Dr. Rodica Turcu ([email protected])

Web page: www.minaeast.net